August Volunteer of the Month: Saundra Moton!

Congratulations to CRC’s Volunteer of the Month

Nominating staff person Brianna DuPlessis (CRC HR Coordinator) shared: “Saundra has been on the CRC Board of Directors since July 2021 and just stepped into the board secretary role. She has been involved in bringing some key staff to CRC and has been very active in recommending new board members to the governance committee. 

For my part, she’s spent HOURS on the phone/emailing back and forth with me in the last few months. We had a number of issues that came up back-to-back this summer and she’s guided me through each one. She’s helped me draft emails, talked me through sensitive HR processes and recommended policy changes.”

A lot of Saundra’s work is done behind the scenes, but we are so grateful for all of her support to CRC’s staff and participants. Thank you!