August Volunteer of the Month: Maggie Thompson

Congratulations to Maggie Thompson, our August Volunteer of the Month! 

Maggie was nominated by Cindy Collins in the Development Department at CRC. Maggie has volunteered at events such as Holiday Baskets and VIP Partner events, helping with set-up, registration and clean up. She has helped to address hundreds of envelopes and deliver mail to the post office. Even during COVID-19, Maggie continues helping by swinging by the office to pick up her packet of work and volunteer remotely. In July, Maggie started helping deliver meals to homeless seniors and others using motel vouchers.

Maggie serves as our Quality Assurance volunteer in the FNC. She is onsite two times a week and goes through all of our dry food pantry shelves pulling items that are out of our product expansion dates. She serves as a second inspection and set of eyes on items that have been stocked by other volunteers during the week that may have missed dates. This helps us uphold our highest standards of food quality for distribution.

Thank you to Maggie for your incredible work with CRC!