A Note from a Carol’s House Resident

Dear Carol and Carol’s House Staff and Volunteers,

I am deeply grateful for all the love, support and resources that you are making available to my family.

Prior to coming here, I found myself alone, suffering in silence. I was hopeless and helpless. I was so deep in the DV cycle that I was about to give up my children to the abuser. As he made me believe that I was incapable of caring for my children. He made me believe there was something wrong with me and that I was the abuser.

My children and I arrived to Carol’s House. In just four days my children are running, dancing, they are joyful and they are being children again. We have bonded after not seeing each other for over two months.

I now have hope and can see what was happening to me more clearly. I can see me again. I have hope that I will maintain custody of my children regardless of what my abuser wishes to file with the court system. I have hope that I will finally create a safe and stable environment for the children. We will have a place to call home again and re-build a better life after 3 years of being divorced.

Your DV support group, your parenting support, legal counsel, loving child care and counseling resources have already made a difference in our lives. I can only imagine the transformation that will occur by the time we exit your program.

Our lives and the lives of our posterity will forever be changed because of you. As we intend to end the  DV cycle in our family lineage.

I am also very grateful for having a safe place to call home during this time; for all the healthy food provided and the countless support.

From my heart to yours.

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