Sarah and Kelly’s Story | Homelessness Intervention

Sarah and Kelly’s Story | Homelessness Intervention

In 2017, Sarah and Kelly moved to San Diego from Arizona to care for Sarah’s mother. But with the high cost of rent, they soon found themselves unable to make ends meet and became homeless.

The couple lived in their car for over a year and a half, participating in the Safe Parking Program at Jewish Family Service. “Living out of your car is draining and exhausting. It can be 100 degrees in the car,” Sarah says.

Unfortunately, the couple’s car broke don and they couldn’t afford to get it fixed. Without a home or a car, Sarah and Kelly thought they would have to live on the streets.

Sarah and Kelly were referred to Community Resource Center and began working with a CRC case manager, Chad. Chad helped the couple get their car fixed through flexible funds provided to CRC through a grant from St. Peter’s Church. Sarah and Kelly were also fortunate to work with a generous auto shop, Convoy Auto, who donated some parts and labor. Sarah explains, “This process has been a struggle, but still the blessings kept coming. We are so grateful.”

After repairing their car, Sarah and Kelly worked with Chad for help finding an affordable place to live. They utilized the Opening Doors program, in partnership with the City of Encinitas, and Rapid Re-housing to obtain help with the deposit and rent for an apartment. They were also able to obtain food at our Food and Nutrition Center and help with transportation during this time.

Sarah and Kelly excitedly moved into their new apartment this September. Kelly explains, “It’s a new beginning. We are thankful for the second opportunity.”

Kelly and Sarah continue to work with Chad and are taking CRC’s Financial Literacy and Housing classes to stay on track. They are also looking for ways to supplement their income and improve their employment situation. Sarah adds, “It’s our step up. We really appreciate all of the services. We get to spend the holidays with family – with our grandchild. Sometimes you have to go through pain to get to the good part.”