Rickey and Halima’s Story | Food & Nutrition Center

Rickey and Halima’s Story | Food & Nutrition Center

Rickey and Halima had to choose between paying the rent and feeding their four school-aged children.

Despite both parents working two jobs, Halima says, “We were spending so much on food, gas, electric and expenses that we were falling behind in our rent.”

Rickey and Halima started coming to Community Resource Center for food assistance, where they select from healthy food to provide for their family.

Halima says, “Coming to CRC has been such a blessing. It cuts our bills in half. Our fridge is now full! We don’t have to worry about having enough food to feed our kids.”

Rickey is also meeting with a CRC case manager to find a full-time job instead of two part-time jobs, seeking higher pay and better benefits to help his family.

Like many other San Diego families, Rickey and Halima are working hard, but need your help right now. Will you give today to help provide nutritious food to more families and kids?