Recovery for Life

A fresh start and support for those convicted of a criminal offense

Recovery for Life (RFL), a program of North County Lifeline (NCL), is a voluntary trauma-informed out-patient substance use and co-occurring treatment program in North County San Diego. Recovery for Life provides a variety of services including:

  • Counseling
  • Housing assistance
  • Employment services including job readiness and education assistance
  • Case management
  • Evidence-based drug and alcohol out-patient treatment
  • System navigation and advocacy
  • Benefits screenings and other resource referrals

Community Resource Center is an outreach partner conducting client outreach in the North County Coastal area.

Eligibility Information: 

1. Persons arrested, charged with, or convicted of a criminal offense impacted by Prop 47. Prop 47 is a law that reduces some felonies, including drug-related offenses or theft related offenses to misdemeanors. Some charges include burglary (PC 459), forgery (PC 470a, 470d, 473, 475a, 475b, 475c and 476), fraud/bad checks (PC 476a), theft (PC 487b, 487c, 487d1, 487d2, 487a, 484ea, 484ed, 503, VC10851), petty theft with a prior conviction (PC 484/666), receiving stolen property (PC 496a), possession of controlled substances for personal use (HS 11350 & 11377), possession of concentrated cannabis for personal use (HS 11357a). Please see your assigned public defender or program outreach staff for additional screening.


2. Individuals must have a history of mental health issues or substance use disorder. Individuals need to be willing to voluntary participate in out-patient substance abuse (alcohol or drugs) or co-occurring treatment (alcohol/drugs and mental health) services.

Contact us: 

For more information, please contact:

Azucena Acosta: 760-230-6538 or