Nutrition Consultation Program

Nutrition Consultation Program

Our volunteers come to us with a variety of skills and experience. Anne Fijioka, a Registered Dietician, is volunteering her time so Community Resource Center can now provide Nutrition Consultations to participants free of charge. Anne provides participants with weekly consultations on nutrition issues such as weight management, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, physical activity, dietary needs, nutrition education and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Participants, who select the goals they would like to focus on, meet with Anne for 30-45 minutes, depending on their needs.

Nutrition Consultation Success Stories

Names were changed to protect privacy

Jenny: Ten-year-old Jenny arrived underweight at the Food & Nutrition Center. Anne worked with Jenny and her mother to develop a nutritional care plan to bring Jenny’s weight into the normal BMI percentile, and educated Jenny’s mother on age-appropriate meal portions and meal plans, snack ideas and high-calcium foods. Prior to coming to the consults, Jenny’s mother was really struggling with overall nutritional care for Jenny. After visiting for a couple of months and selecting food from the Center, Jenny successfully gained 3.5 pounds and increased her BMI by 1.1. Though she is still not out of the underweight BMI category, Jenny’s mother is confident that she can keep up with the intervention plan.

Victor: Victor is a 55-year-old who came to CRC as prediabetic and seeking guidance for his diet. Victor’s goals were weight loss and obtaining a healthier lifestyle. Anne provided Victor with education around diabetic-friendly foods. After a few months of following Anne’s recommendations, Victor succeeded in lowering his blood pressure from 136/74 to 102/72. Victor is now watching his intake of simple carbs, high-sodium foods and increasing his fiber intake and exercise. He is dedicated to not becoming diabetic and now knows how to read nutrition labels and make informed decisions.

Margaret: Margaret is a 40-year-old woman who came to CRC with a goal of weight loss. Anne provided Margaret with education around increasing fruit and vegetable intake, following a low-calorie diet and increasing exercise. Within a one-month span, Margaret lost over 6 pounds and lowered her blood pressure significantly. Margaret is eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to improve her health.