Michelle’s Story | A Letter to Carol

Michelle’s Story | A Letter to Carol

A letter of thanks to Carol Cianfarani, who was instrumental in the building of Carol’s House, CRC’s domestic violence shelter.

Dear Carol,

I would like to thank you on behalf of my children and me. Because of Carol’s House, we are happy, healthy, safe, free of fear, stress and anxiety, and have such a wonderful life.

Before we came to live at the shelter, we were not safe and felt completely hopeless. I was so afraid for my children.

I remember creating a dream board when I was at the shelter. Mine had babies and more babies, butterflies, rainbows, a white picket fence and a puppy. It was the picture of happiness.

My life has become more than I ever hoped it could be.

I owe everything on my dream board coming true to Carol’s House. I had two more babies, and we just got my daughter a puppy for her birthday. My children are secure and confident, with healthy lifestyles and joyful personalities.

I want you to know how deeply I appreciate you.

Thank you so, so much on behalf of the many families you have helped.


Michelle, mother of three and former resident of Carol’s House