Melissa’s Story | Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

Melissa’s Story | Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

Peaceful and hopeful for the future …

Melissa came to our emergency shelter badly bruised after fleeing for the safety of herself and her three young children: Jackson, Wade, and baby Bradley.

The family moved from the shelter into transitional housing, and Jackson and Wade started a new school year. They worked closely with CRC counselors and the Therapeutic Children’s Center Coordinator to overcome a rocky initial adjustment period.

Melissa enrolled Jackson and Wade in an after-school program and found daycare for baby Bradley, and began seeking employment. With the assistance of her CRC case manager, she quickly found a job and was happy to rejoin the work force.

Melissa regularly attended CRC’s domestic violence support group, where she inspired both the staff and other group members. She also attended parenting and domestic violence education classes, graduating with a certificate from each course.

Melissa reconnected with members of her family who lived out-of-state, and eventually found a new job in their area, and a shared house to move into there. At the end of Jackson and Wade’s school year, and after ten months in CRC’s domestic violence program, the family was able to start a new beginning in a safe environment.

As Melissa and her family prepared to embark on their new life, Melissa gave tearful goodbye hugs, and Wade cried upon saying goodbye to the counselor. Melissa expressed her gratitude because of how well her kids were doing as a result of the program. She also shared that she felt peaceful and hopeful for her family’s future.

CRC Domestic Violence Hotline: (877) 633-1112