Helen’s Story | Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

Helen’s Story | Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

“CRC saved my life. To this day, when I look at how I got my life back, it started with being in the line for food.” – Helen, CRC participant

Imagine being forced to leave your home, move across the country, and start from scratch. This is where Helen found herself after she and her young daughter fled an abusive relationship. She arrived in San Diego and desperately needed help to survive.

Helen came to Community Resource Center for food and received much more than that. Through CRC’s case management, classes and counseling, she was able to heal and begin a healthy new life. Helen worked with a caring case manager, Laura, who supported her on the path to finding a job and improving her situation. Helen says, “Laura was my biggest hero, my biggest fan.”

Helen participated in CRC’s job training program, counseling services and Food & Nutrition Center to get back on her feet.

Today, Helen has a full-time job, a home for her family and was just named Employee of the Month!

To those considering supporting CRC’s programs, Helen would like to say:

“I hope that people continue to give because I would have never thought I would need those services. When I graduated with my Masters, I never thought this could happen. But it can happen to anybody. As women, we don’t realize that what starts out as control could end up being real abuse.”

Helen says, “CRC was really instrumental,” she says. “I think of myself today, working full time at a health agency and doing really well. If it hadn’t been for CRC, I think my life would’ve been a lot different.”