Encinitas Homelessness Forum

Encinitas Homelessness Forum

On Tuesday, March 20, CRC, the City of Encinitas, and the Advisory Committee on Homelessness hosted a community forum, “Ending Homelessness in Encinitas: Great Strides and Next Steps.” 

With over 100 community members in attendance and engaging and informative presentations from our panelists, the forum was a great success! The presence of attentive community members, leaders, advocates and advisers whom have experienced homelessness led to a persuasive case to advance support for individuals in need of housing.

Mayor Catherine Blakespear set the stage as the first speaker to bring into focus what steps have been accomplished in Encinitas the last 21 months through CRC’s city-funded “Opening Doors” project , finding homes for 55 homeless households , and continuing to identify additional solutions.

Each panelist that followed built another dimension of identifying how to end homelessness. Mayor Blakespear wrapped up the panel presentations with a very compelling, articulate and irrefutable declaration of the obligation of the City of Encinitas to create and provide affordable housing. Her leadership, courage of conviction and unshakable commitment was clearly evidenced.

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Keys4Homes – Support affordable housing in Encinitas
Keys4Homes is asking Encinitas elected officials and voters to approve affordable homes NOW. Take action by supporting this effort at an upcoming meeting or contacting our elected officials.


Opening Doors: In 2016, the City of Encinitas partnered with CRC for the Opening Doors project to provide sustainable housing for homeless in Encinitas. The program connects eligible participants with a Housing Navigator, who provides resources to obtain housing.

Read more about Opening Doors in this article from Former Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer …

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