Paula McKinney

Paula McKinney

Position: Accounting Manager

Paula McKinney came on board with Community Resource Center in early 2014. She has worked diligently to make sure the organization is following best accounting practices and procedures, and to ensure the accurate, complete, and useful recording and presentation of financial data for myriad reporting purposes, including audit. A major function of her work is to prepare required government grant budgets for CRC’s social programs, and manage compliance with financial reporting for those grants.

Paula’s background is in accounting management, audit, and forensic accounting.  Before coming to CRC, she worked for several years for the Carlsbad Educational Foundation. Her expertise is in solving problems, correcting accounting data, managing accounting practices for mid-sized businesses, and consulting as to best business practices and proper accounting methods.

Paula’s spiritual life is her source of strength and purpose, and significantly contributes to her desire to be of service to her community. She has lived and worked in North San Diego County for the last 20 years.

Paula holds a Bachelors of Science. in Business Administration from San Diego State University, with an emphasis in Financial Services, and has continued her education with classes in not-for-profit accounting.