Dawn and David’s Story | Homelessness Prevention

Dawn and her partner, David, a Vietnam veteran, came to CRC hungry and in need of shelter, after being forced to live in their car for many weeks. When Dawn and David’s affordable housing for veterans fell through, they were forced to live in their car beginning in November of 2016. At that time, they were coming to Community Resource Center’s Food Distribution Center for help.

When it got colder, during the month of December, they worked with a CRC case manager to obtain motel vouchers for shelter.

As part of the Encinitas Housing Pilot Project, Dawn and David received assistance with shelter, food and eventually an apartment of their own.

“When we were living in our car, I felt like I had nowhere else to turn. I came here for food and I got a whole lot more,” said Dawn.

Dawn now attends CRC’s nutrition and financial classes and plans to go to adult school and continue counseling. She and her partner have now found safety and stability after being homeless for many months.